For all our customers & partners, we have a brand new and first quality service; Audio & video signal transmission in real time (simultaneous translation from local language to your native language) of your focus group, In Depth Interview, etc. from previous selected locations, to everywhere.

Transmission is done in real time, live, via Internet, such in a manner that from your office, head quarters, field office or even your home, (no matter what part of the world you actually are) you can see, check and follow up, without missing any detail, your project, without traveling to site, other words, you do not need to go where the study is taking place.


Video streaming is also be knowing as “remote observation” or “virtual glass cage”

So far, it has been very successful for multi-country studies, where the customer, for several reasons, such as logistics, cost, travelling time, etc. can not go to the place where the study is being done.


Our service covers, capture, codification, transmission and web spread (diffusion) of your event.


It really simple and easy to use, all you need is a Windows based PC, with high speed internet access, with a minimum of 100 Kbps speed, to be able to enjoy this comfortable and modern service.

Access to the diffusion, until 50 PCs in simultaneous, without missing quality signal.

For more PCs Access, please contact us.

We also offer simultaneous translation from the local language to your preferred language, with your streaming service.


To contract the service, a previous inspection of the location or event site, must be done.


We cover the city of Caracas and its metropolitan area, outside Caracas, please, contact us directly.


Don’t think too much about it, ask today for a proposal, and get the details you need for you and your customers!.